Transformers: The Last Knight, Hopefully The Last Film of the Franchise

Posted 07/28/2017 7812

It's difficult to actually find something good about Transformers: The Last Night. Even the reviews leave a bad taste in your mouth that fully expresses the horrificness of this very, very bad film. This allegedly last installment - makes us thankful that it is the last. If we never have to see a Tranformer sequel ever again, the world will be a better place, indeed.

Michael Bay, director of all of the Tranformer movies had a good thing going when he released the first film of the franchise.

Every little kid and grown adult male was anticipating the action-movie that added life and embraced their favorite childhood toys. And because of this, the original "Transformer" movie was successful and well-received by audiences.

However, with the last 2 films previously released before "The Last Knight" Bay definitely was losing our interest. The movies "Revenge of the Fallen" and the "Dark of the Moon", and "Age of Extinction" managed to hang in there a bit, although they were twisted with over-exaggerated plotlines and terribly, not-so funny jokes.

But each one seems to lose that novelty that the first one had brilliantly nailed, and now there is the 5th? Really?

Transformers: The Dark Knight starts out in the 'dark age' where Merlin the Wizard, King Arthur, and Sir Lancelot are in battle with barbarians, losing terribly until the moment where a dragon (with 3 heads) swoops in and rescues them.

Instead of knights in human form, the knights of the round table are all transformers including one that can "tranform" into, you guessed it... a dragon.  In all of these throwback back to the past moments, you are swirled into almost 150 minutes of a hot mess where is is discovered that "Transformers" have a strong connection with Stone Hinge, and they also are responsible for Hitler's demise. Too unbelievable to be any good!

Before too much time has passed, the movie flashes to the present day where (Mark Wahlberg) Cade Yeager has sunk into hiding with some autobots in South Dakota - but soon is swept away by military force and relocated to England. It is here that he has a meet-cute moment with a professor at Oxford University, (Laura Haddock) Viviane Wembly.

Only one holds the key to a slew of ancient "secrets" bestowed upon them, Sir Edmunton Burton (Anthony Hopkins) and his angry butler which is a robot named (Jim Carter) Cogman.

Instead of getting into the horrible storyline and details, we will just leave it to your imagination. Or better yet, if you want to be one of the very few that likes this film- then go see it!

Unfortunately, Transformers: The Last Knight is NOT the last Transformers film of the franchise. Reports are already verifying that there is much more to come from these movies including extra adaptations, cross-overs, and other sequels.

It only makes sense that the ending segment of Transformers: The Last Knight features Opimus Prime warning that there is something, ominous and dangerous that resides inside the center of the Earth.