Movie Watch: Movies in Box Office Theaters This Weekend

Posted 08/10/2017 2494

With so many great movies launching this week, we decided to give you a roundup to help you to better choose which movies you should go see! Here are our top picks and suggestions:


"Detroit" is a movie based on the true events that forever marked the history of Detroit, Michigan in the Summer of 1967.  This film has already received oscar worthy praise from critics who claim that its director, Katherine Bigelow did an even more outstanding job then she did directing "Zero Dark Thirty" and "The Hurt Locker." Detroit prescreens gathered much attention in theaters in Michigan and is deemed as one of the great monumental tales of a unique part of racial history.

The Dark Tower

"The Dark Tower" is a thriller that features Mathew McConaughey as Walter a man who wants to destroy the Tower and instigate the end of the world and two heroes (Tom Taylor) Jake Chambers & (Idris Elba) Roland who seek to protect the evils that the tower keeps from terrorizing the world. After discovering the secrets behind the Dark Tower, both heroes set out to use their special powers to defeat Walter and to ever preserve the beasts that can initiate the Armageddon of all Armegeddons! But they will not be without obstacles that try to stop their heroic efforts.

Wind River

Jeremy Renner (Avengers) stars in this epic thriller that was directed and written by Taylor Sheriden. Its mysterious storyline revolves around the investigation surrounding a young girl's murder that occurred at an old Indian Reservation (Hence Wind River.) Elizabeth Olsen (Eldest sister of the Olsen Twins) plays an FBI Rookie who collaborates with Renner's character to solve the murder. Along the way secrets are uncovered that impact both characters in the most profound way. Will they find the answers that they are seeking and finally be able to put at peace what really was behind this young girl's death? You will have to watch to find out...


"Kidnap" is another suspenseful thriller that dons academy award winning actress, Halle Berry as the lead. She plays single-mother Karla who is working her asZ off to take care of her only son (Sage Correa) Frankie. She often bonds with him and gets quality time with him by visiting the local "park" in New Orleans. As she becomes infueled by a phone call with her ex, Frankie is kidnapped. She does manage to see him being forced into a car and pursues the kidnappers at once. What ensues is a chase to the finish which involves obstacles galore, close-calls, and absolute havoc. She finally tracks the location that her son is being held hostage - but will she be able to retrieve him without it costing both of them their lives?

This weekend is a  featuring a ton of box-office debuts in theaters across America that have been highly anticipated since their trailers were released. Movies such as "Detroit", "The Dark Tower",  "Wind River" and "Kidnap" feature some major A-list actors and actresses and are bound to be hits before the end of the weekend!