Everything: Comparable to "Fault in Our Stars"

Posted 08/03/2017 1577

The Summer of 2017 has beared witness to many romantic dramas, some have hit the nail on the head - while others are just so-so. Everything, Everything is stuck in the middle, for certain of these two barriers of cliche' movies about someone that is sick that falls in love.

Everything, Everything is based on a novel for Young Adults that boasts the exact title by Nicola Yoon. Much like 'The Fault in Our Stars" released in 2014, this film is based on a young 17 year-old (Madeline Whittier played by Amandla Stenberg) that is stricken with (SCID), a very rare disease that impacts her body's immunity so much so that she  pretty much has to live in a sterilized bubble (her home.)

Because of this disease, she has been unable to journey even outside of her home her entire life. She has only had relationships and interactions with her assigned nurse Carla and her mother, because when she was just a child her father and brother died.

Maddy accepts her restricted lifestyle by educating herself through online classes, playing all sorts of games alone, and book-reading.

But her life takes a major change when new neighbor Olly (Nick Robinson) catches her eye. Through rock-throwing to messages written on eachother's window and online banter and communication - these two's friendship blossoms into young love.

It is this love and her restricted lifestyle that Madeline begins to question her purpose and wonder if there is more beyond that of her sterilized, trapped bubble existence. As she transforms emotionally and physically she finds her identity and understands more about whats important in life. But she continually deals with the things that have held her back and finally gets closer to taking a risk that may cost her, her life.

Both actors Stenberg (Hunger Games) and Robinson (Jurassic World) do a bang-out, excellent job of their portrayls of Maddy and Olly.

This movie is sweet and charming to say the least and its story is refreshing and more unique than anything we have witnessed in the past decade! It is much better than your ordinary, everyday "teen that gets sick and falls in love" type tale. Instead it is done pragmatically and in such a way that it's forthrightness earns it a vast amount of praise and accountability for "Doing it Right this time!"

Not only is this movie perfect for teens, but Everything, Everything is also laced with a great daughter/mother storyline that tugs at your heart and the breadth of your soul with every emotional turn and turmoil.

There are some cinematic effects and scenery that provide the viewer with little tweaks of magic here and there throughout the film. But perhaps the most surprising aspect of this film is a plot-twist that you really do not see coming until you realize there were clues sprinkled here and there from start to finish. Everything, Everything is a little bit of everything - definitely sprinkled with some "spice." It is a film definitely worth a watch!