Captain Underpants: Epic First Movie?

Posted 08/03/2017 4391

"Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" is hysterically funny and its slap-happy humor is over the top entertaining for all genres of audiences and ages!

This animated film is one that sneaks up on you and doesn't quit for delivery of one after another giggle-worthy moment.

Inspired by Dav Pilkey's super-hero, book-series, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie tells the tale of the 1/2 naked, very gassy super-hero - Captain Underpants created by besties, (Thomas Middleditch) - Harold, and (Kevin Hart) - George.

George and Harold have been close since learning in Kindergarten Science class of the planet 'Uranus' - their common passion for the word has ignited schemes, pranks, and it is obvious through the pure creativity they put into their very own comic-strips. Now in 4th grade, the two friends find themselves constantly under watch and scrutiny by their (Ed Helms) school-principal, Principal Krupps - for their potty-antics.

Principal Krupps sets out on a mission to disavow them and their potty centric behaviors by destroying the friendship that they so profoundly share.  This threat forces George to put the hypnotic powers of his special ring to use. And... as he uses it on Principal Krupp,  the boy's nemesis principal actually transforms into Captain Underpants.

But this soon turns disasterous as Krupp now Captain Underpants is not fully-equipped with the genius, crime-fighting mind-set that the boys invested and instored into him. Instead, they are faced with more turmoil and havoc as Captain Underpants (Principal Krupp) does more harm than help in their community. But... there are larger things at stake!

There is a new villain (Nick Krool) Professor Poopypants, in town that threatens everything the boy's ever knew. Do they turn Krupps back to their demonic Principal or do they try to intervene to help Captain Underpants triumph Professor Poopypants?

We won't spoil all the giddy and funny details of this film, but we will say is that this film is utterly amusing. Some may not get the potty-humor, some may even be offended at it, but it does nothing to cross the line that in vast reality doesn't happen at one time or another in a child's adolescent years.

Farts, diarrhea, dancing around in your underpants, and all things "poop-related" play a great role in the humorous parts of this film - and somehow it works!

But if you find yourself not appreciating some grotesque innuendos about all things of defacation and evacuation of the human body- then this film will definitely offend you and not tickle your fancy so much as it has others who appreciate that type of humor.

On a most positive note of this film, there are some very-good, thought out take home messages to be learned. Through union, understanding, and learning empathy instead of selfishness, George and Harold grow as characters and adolescents.

They show audiences the magical delight in finding themselves, strengthening their own friendship as they know it, and also taking deep strides to understand other's situations with great empathy and forthright conscienceness. This changes the way they portray Captain Underpants in the end and the last take-away ends up being that making fun of other's is not always the "right" thing to do - no matter what!