Brisby Bear: Eccentric and Entertainingly Divine

Posted 08/08/2017 889

Brisby Bear like Forrest Gump says: it is a film that is like a box of chocolates - "You never know what you are going to get."

After walking into the Sundance Film Festival, noone had any clue what this movie was going to be about. However, castmates from Saturday Night Live Kevin Costello, Dave McCary, and Kyle Mooney (Cowriter) manage to pull off the same exact ambiance in this movie, but it is definitely not a detriment to "Brisby Bear"

Under any circumstances audiences from all genres and film tastes will really find enjoyment in this movie as it proves that McCary and Mooney (Good Neighbor SNL) have mastered the art of not only writing sketches for SNL but also collaborating on film writing.

We do not want to spoil any of the great details for you, but you will understand almost everything you need to know in the initial 10-15 minutes of the movie.

Brigsby is a character that James (Kyle Mooney) has adored all his life, he is an enormous bear that is the size of a human. The TV Show "Brigsby" features all of the 'Out of the Box'  life lessons and adventures that the bear experiences. James always watches reruns of the show and then proceeds to blog about them through posting online videos and browsing through fan-sites and forums of "Brigsby Bear."

Mark Hamill (Yes, Star Wars Mark Hamill) plays James's dad and Jane Adams plays his mother. James only has a relationship with his parents as he lives a very sheltered life, we mean this literally. Because it is later revealed that has been kept away from society all his life in a bunker underground. But James manages to be somewhat of a normal 25-year old other than that.

In the blink of an eye, James's house is raided by the FBI and his parents are halled off to jail. As he is being questioned by (Greg Kinnear) Detective Vogel then proceeds to get James coked up on cocaine. All of a sudden he realizes the harsh reality of life in the real world - that there are no longer any episodes left to view of "Brigsby Bear."

Come to find out that Brigsby Bear was a ploy created by James's (Fake) dad to brainwash him. He then sets out on a mission to form connections with all of his biological-family members as he wants to innovate his very own "Brisby Bear" featured film. His friend (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) Spencer and sister (Ryan Simpkins) Aubrey helps him to break into the world of Film-making.

This movie brings home the very original and candid portrayal of a man that has loved his entire life in isolation. With genuine earnest and a few laughs along the way (not condescending one) - there is a warmth about Brigsby Bear that make it endearing and more than entertaining.